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Take better care of your patients. Help keep them safe, healthy, and avoid misunderstandings.
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"This is an exceptional course for nurses who want to learn how to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients. In fact, the Spanish for Nurses course has become very popular with nurses."


Will I be able to learn Spanish?

Yes! See what the lessons are like
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Watch the video to see how easy it is to learn.

A $40 Value for Just $9.99

How fluent will I be after the course?​

Watch Video: two students 90% through the course

*Note: this video represents the average learner. Some results may vary.

Learn to speak like Erin and Carolina (video above)
Who created the Spanish for Nurses Course?
Our Guarantee
If you're not fully satisfied with the course, email within 30 days us for a full refund.

If you don't pass the certification exam (after studying 2-5 hours a week for 15 weeks - or equivalent) we'll let you take it again for $25! (Spring Special only).
Note: The certification exam costs $115.00 (Click "Get the Course" for a 50% Spring discount.)
What do nurses have to say about the Course?
Scron [this website] helped me learn key medical Spanish phrases that I can use every day when helping my patients. The repetitiveness of the modules really helps the phrases and words to sink it. Scron made learning a new language simple and fun!
Erin S.
testimonial erin
There is a great need for health care workers to have this knowledge and basic skill set so we can better take care of all people we come in contact with and need to provide care to.

Spanish for Nurses Certificate

Get certified and be qualified to speak to your Spanish-speaking patients
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Certification is a separate $115 fee
Offer only valid during Spring sale.
What You'll Learn During the Course

Watch the video to see the sections of the course.

Visit “See What the Lessons Are Like” (above) to learn more about how the lessons work.

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