"This is an exceptional course for nurses who want to learn how to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients. In fact, the Spanish for Nurses course has become very popular with nurses."
Director RN-to-BSN Program - Westminster College

Take better care of patients and Improve HCAHPS scores

The HCAHPS survey asks discharged patients 29 questions about their recent hospital stay. Some questions ask about communication with nurses and doctors and the responsiveness of hospital staff. Spanish for nurses can not only help patients to have better communication with staff, it can help patients feel comfortable, and avoid costly miscommunications.

Spanish for Nurses - with patient

How Much will your nurses learn?

Here’s an example of two nurses conversing after completing 90% of the course. The course is for individuals who have no prior Spanish experience as well as those who know Spanish but are not fluent in medical Spanish

helping Hospitals and Clinics comply with ACA section 1557

Spanish for nurses helps hospitals and clinics take better care of their patients. It also helps them comply with section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act which requires entities to take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to individuals with limited English proficiency. It also prohibits entities from relying on unqualified bilingual staff. Spanish for nurses solves this problem by providing Spanish instruction and certification.

Spanish for nurses with books

More about how we help medical facilities

Semi-Monthly Reports

Administrators receive a semi-monthly report by email that shows how many lessons nurses have completed since the last report, their scores, and progress through the course. Nurses also receive an email showing their lessons completed vs other nurses in the same entity.

Easy Setup

Administrators login and can upload nurses from a spreadsheet. Individual nurses are automatically sent a setup email. There is a 10-minute video that nurses watch then they're ready to go!

Easy to Add Nurses

After the group has started, administrators can add additional nurses to your instructional group.

Reports for Multiple Facilities

Administrators can login to see the reports of multiple facilities to ensure course progression and ROI

Spanish for Nurses Certification

To comply with section 1557 for LES (Limited English Speakers), the national certification exam is recommended. A quote can be given for this cost. Important: Nurses need to recertify every two years. (In language, if you don't use it, you lose it.)

Works on Different Devices

The course can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, or from a mobile browser. There is also a physical reference book available for purchase.

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